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The Cost Accounting Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies would like us to believe that when they behave in a socially responsible manner they do so because it is the right thing to do. They hope we don’t pull back the curtain to find an accounting wizard sitting … Continue reading

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Hindsight Bias, Outcome Bias, And The Super Bowl

Everything about Super Bowl 49 was super-sized. The viewing audience was a record setting 114 million in the U.S., or one in three Americans. The cost of commercials ran roughly $4.5 million per thirty seconds. And the Monday morning quarterbacking … Continue reading

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Deflate-gate: Will NFL Punt Or Pass On Responsible Decision Making?

Deflate-gate—the scandal surrounding the apparent deliberate deflation of footballs used by the New England Patriots in its victory over the Colts on the road to the Super Bowl—offers an opportunity to toss around some thoughts on responsible decision-making. At this … Continue reading

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Has The Clock Run Out On A Responsible Decision By Daniel Snyder And the NFL?

Minnesota’s posted an editorial today titled: “Our view: Changing Redskins name will be a business decision”. The story reports on how the University of Minnesota is putting pressure on NFL Washington Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder about his team’s … Continue reading

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