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Dangerous Leadership Blindness

Leaders from all walks of life should take note of three recent stories in the news. Behind the headlines are important management lessons about the dangers of leadership blindness. In April a Georgia state court judge slapped several former Atlanta … Continue reading

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Ethics And Responsibility Warning: A Vocabulary Of Risk

At the cutting edge of what it calls “proactive compliance”, tech company Digital Reasoning sells software services to large banks and investment firms. The company’s software scans emails, instant messages, and memos seeking out words used in a context that … Continue reading

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UBS And Puerto Rican Bonds: Short-Term Profits Vs. Long-Term Reputation

Recent new stories recount how in 2011, UBS management pressured brokers to sell shares in Puerto Rican bond funds about which the brokers had serious misgivings. (For example, from Reuters, “Exclusive: Recording shows how UBS drove reluctant brokers to sell … Continue reading

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Intersection Of Responsibility And Profits On The Road To More Auto Sales

Recent news stories report both increased car sales and an increase in missed payments on subprime auto loans made last year. (For example, see “GM: U.S. Car Sales Could Grow 3% in 2015” and “Car Loans See Rise In Missed … Continue reading

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Ethics, Integrity, And Character Are Not Enough: A Lesson From David Petraeus On Responsible Decision-Making

No one writes articles or dispenses tweets disputing the importance of ethics, integrity, and character to leadership and responsible decision-making. And with good reason. Yet, often we are not sufficiently mindful of the limits of these important attributes. Former General … Continue reading

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The Sociopath In The C-Suite: Impact On Ethical And Responsible Decision-Making

Researchers and experts estimate that 4 percent of the population–or one in twenty-five people–are sociopaths. The odds are you work with or for a sociopath, or have one working for you. A sociopath in the office can inflict misery on … Continue reading

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GM Lawyers And Ethical Advocacy

I have previously posted about how GM’s lawyers may have done their client–and the public–a disservice by stifling early concerns about the auto maker’s handling of safety concerns. (How Overlegalization Causes Irresponsibility And What You Can Do About It.) A … Continue reading

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