Business Growth and Personal Growth: Five Tips

rkg-linkin-1If you manage a business, or only part of a business, growth is on your agenda every day. Small business growth is just as important as big business growth. Even if you sit far from the corner office, or don’t run anything, growth should be on your daily to-do list.

Not everyone comes to thinking about business growth naturally. And some think that if growth is not under their personal control it is not part of their job responsibility. Wrong. Everyone can contribute to a company’s growth, and everyone can grow personally and professionally.

So here are five quick tips to help keep business and personal growth in focus and top-of-mind every day.

Love Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Every business leader and every employee should have his or her personal set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.) KPIs are, of course, metrics that measure business (or personal) performance in critical areas.

The trick in selecting or constructing KPIs is finding those that are most closely aligned with functions that contribute to and support growth. And it is a real plus if you can find some leading KPIs, which are predictive of the future, rather than just relying on laggings KPIs, which only look in the rearview mirror.

Select your KPIs with care. But don’t become too attached to them. If they don’t work well for you it means it’s time for a change. Experimentation is not a bad thing.

Think Value: A constant focus on value is critical to both personal and business growth. Trying to connect every undertaking and activity to making your company—and yourself—more valuable to customers, clients, other employees, and the community is a driving force behind attaining sustainable growth. Allow the pursuit of value to get into your veins, until it becomes second nature and unconscious.

Pass the Passion: Being passionate about growth doesn’t have to be hokey. It means feeling strongly about something, acting on those feelings, and letting it show. It is so dull to be passion-less, especially since so much of your time is invested in work.

Business leaders who are passionate about their companies have a positive impact on everyone, and set the stage for business growth. But passion should not be reserved for the boss. Infecting your co-workers with a little excitement and energy boosts company performance in multiple ways.

Team Commitment: Related to passing the passion is being a committed team member. That means giving commitment, and expecting it in return from others. Team commitment requires a lot of trust and communication. For many teams, trust building might be a first step. But it can pay long-term dividends.

Teach, Learn, Teach, Learn: There is a strong correlation between growing businesses and learning businesses. Just one example: A Harvard Business School study earlier this year showed a direct correlation between manager training in sales pipeline management and revenue growth. But this works both ways. Companies have to value teaching and training, and personnel have to crave it.

So whatever your position is in a company—big or small—a daily focus on personal growth and company growth is needed to produce results. Growth rarely happens by accident, and if it does, not for long. But those who accomplish steady personal and business growth will tell you it is worth the effort.

 By: Bob Greisman

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