About Responsible Business Decisions

I write, speak, and consult on responsible business decisions. I explore why good business leaders make irresponsible decisions, and perform autopsies on avoidable corporate disasters.

Trsg-speakerhe focus of my work is helping business leaders understand how and why human nature creates obstacles to ethical and responsible business decision- making, and finding solutions to make responsible decision-making a strategy for success.

I passionately believe that no matter how big or small a company, its values, humanity, and behavior derive from the decisions of its people, and that the most responsible companies are the most successful, sustainable companies.

The Business Decision Blog helps executives and professionals understand responsible business decisions, and the causes of irresponsible decisions.

As a partner at two major CPA firms for over twenty-five years, I provided consulting, advisory, and forensic accounting services to clients ranging from start-up businesses to multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporations in a variety of industries.  I bring a first-hand, close-up, and personal perspective to the causes of irresponsible decisions by good leaders, and the consequences of those decisions.

During my career I have taught, written, and spoken for professional, trade, industry, and client groups on general business and accounting topics.  Now I am bringing my expertise and experience to helping businesses make responsible business decisions, and avoid irresponsible ones.

Bob Greisman

Contact: bob@rkgconsultinginc.com