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Note To Decision Makers: People Do What You Pay Them To Do

How do decisions by senior executives in the ivory tower of the C-suite affect the quality of the judgments made by the troops at the front lines of a business? An obvious but overlooked answer: People do what you pay … Continue reading

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Flying Drones Through Loopholes: Questions of Business Ethics and Responsibility

           Risk managers, reputation managers, directors of corporate communications, chief ethics officers, CEOs, and board members of at least a number of household name companies are either asleep at the switch, or having sleepless nights. We can’t be sure which … Continue reading

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Ethics And Responsibility Warning: A Vocabulary Of Risk

At the cutting edge of what it calls “proactive compliance”, tech company Digital Reasoning sells software services to large banks and investment firms. The company’s software scans emails, instant messages, and memos seeking out words used in a context that … Continue reading

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UBS And Puerto Rican Bonds: Short-Term Profits Vs. Long-Term Reputation

Recent new stories recount how in 2011, UBS management pressured brokers to sell shares in Puerto Rican bond funds about which the brokers had serious misgivings. (For example, from Reuters, “Exclusive: Recording shows how UBS drove reluctant brokers to sell … Continue reading

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Hindsight Bias, Outcome Bias, And The Super Bowl

Everything about Super Bowl 49 was super-sized. The viewing audience was a record setting 114 million in the U.S., or one in three Americans. The cost of commercials ran roughly $4.5 million per thirty seconds. And the Monday morning quarterbacking … Continue reading

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