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How Overlegalization Causes Irresponsibility And What You Can Do About It

America suffers from overlegalization–the excessive use of law to answer questions that should be resolved by common sense, reasonableness, and responsibility. How else do you explain a country of 320 million souls bringing 19 million new civil lawsuits–or one every … Continue reading

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Tax Inversions and Responsible Business Decisions

Tax inversions have become a topic of heated discussion. Fortune magazine recently featured a cover story boiling over with indignation. Its title: “Positively Un-American: Bigtime Companies Are Moving Their ‘Headquarters’ Overseas To Dodge Billions in Taxes…That Means The Rest Of … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Business Decision Blog

During the late 1990s and early 2000s I was a partner in an international CPA firm. It was the time of the tech boom–before the bubble burst. Investment banks, law firms, and clients were enjoying great, and in some cases, … Continue reading

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